Appointments generally begin within two weeks. The testing process involves about an hour for the initial consultation. This is followed by 3 - 5 hours of testing over two to three additional sessions, depending on the person’s age, fatigue issues and the amount of testing required.

The initial consultation hour will focus on

  • Thorough patient and family history
  • Academic history, including prior support services at school
  • Previous testing
  • Treatment history, including any previous medication and counseling

When evaluating children, parents are generally present and may observe the testing. This is rarely a problem for children. Adolescents sometimes prefer private testing sessions. The tests are brief, novel and interesting.

After all test data has been gathered and scored, a thorough report is prepared and shared in a final session, usually about a week after the last testing session. Children are also usually given feedback appropriate to their age level. Data will compare the adult or child with others of the same age. It will also include grade equivalent scores. At the last session specific treatment, academic or work recommendations are discussed. The report can also be sent to physicians, counselors and school officials at the parents’ or patient’s request