Describing ADD is like trying to define love! Everyone knows it when they see it, but it’s hard to describe. Attention is a critical human function from infancy to our final days. We can’t learn, function or survive without it.

Attention is a complex neurological process. Attention problems are generally not due to emotional problems, lack of intelligence or lack of motivation. They are due to differences in brain functioning.

This website is designed to provide some understanding to a complicated and controversial subject. There may be many reasons for performance problems in school, on the job or at home.

Problem checklists and rating scales provide only a limited amount of information and they are quite subjective, often measuring the level of frustration of the rater rather than the true degree of attention deficit.

Objective testing data can identify specific areas of strengths and weaknesses, as well as academic strengths and weaknesses, to better guide treatment and school accommodations.

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